22 March 2007

I'm back!

I'm sooooooo sorry that I didn't get around to posting anything for a long time, because I have a lot stuff to do: homework, school, horse riding.

But at least I have done a lot work. I got better at riding. I now have two pairs of riding pants, a pair of riding boots, a helmet, and chaps. I had a pair of gloves, but those got lost, unfortunately, at the riding stable (so now I use normal leather gloves, which aren't that much different).

During my riding hour, 2 times a month, I am finally able to and allowed to gallop on the bigger horses (Highland, Genius). Before I had to gallop on the little ones (Fee, Gina, Bl├╝mchen), which wasn't so great. But I just like to ride, so in the end it doesn't matter on which horse.

Today I have time to blog because I'm sick and home from school. It's supposed to be spring right now, but instead it's snowing and raining. Since I'm out of practice, I think I'll end for now.

See you soon!
-- Natalie



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