08 August 2006

Horse camp in the Czech Republic

This summer I went to a week of horse camp in the Czech Republic (my mom is from there). We were learning how to ride and to take care of horses. There were 12 children there. One day I was riding on Boris and he tried to buck me off. He does that to all of the children. But I tried my best to hold on. I held on so hard I got a blister on my finger; it was really painful.

My favorite horse was Connie. She gave me a lot of nose kisses. But the thing I didn't like was when she tried to eat my baseball cap.

There were not only horses there, there were also ponies, which we couldn't ride.

At the end of the week we got our diplomas. I got first place because I was the best rider and the best behaved child.

Here are a couple of pictures, taken by my mom on the last day of camp:




-- Natalie


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