04 August 2006

I'm starting my blog

Hi, I'm Natalie and I'm ten years old. I really like horses. I enjoy riding them (when I can). It's my big hobby. And I like to take care of them.

But the problem is that I get to ride them only seven times a year. And that's not enough for me. So I thought to have a pony to ride. But the problem is that it's too expensive. So I have been trying to come up with some ideas to make the money. I plan on doing chores and other tasks to earn some money. And I'm going to sell the toys I no longer use. My allowance I will spend only on magazines so that I can learn more about horses (which means I have to find more serious ones, not the ones for little girls). But all of this won't get me very far soon. The best idea I've had so far is "sponsoring". If you want to sponsor me, then send your PayPal contribution to NatalieWantsAPony@yahoo.com. My dad set this up for me, and he and I will manage it together.

So, what will happen with the money? I will save it (my dad suggests that I post how much has been donated). The first things I will take care of with my and your money is a membership in the horseriding club near here (I live in Germany). After that I will pay for riding hours and some proper clothing. In a couple of years maybe things will be far enough along that I can get that pony! Her name will be Misty.

My dad says that I should give something in return for your contribution. Some of things we have thought of are:
  • I can post your name, and a link if you are a company or organization
  • I can send all sponsors photos whenever I get some
  • Maybe a newsletter?
  • Send a thank-you note to everyone who contributes

Please tell me your ideas for what it would take to get contributions /sponsorship.

Later I think I will post the things I'm doing about horses and the progress I'm making.



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