31 August 2006

I'm back!

We're back from our vacation. We figured out that my fish died while we were gone. So today we were looking for new fish and maybe a new aquarium. But we didn't get that stuff because it looks like it's more complicated than we though. We'll decide what to do by tomorrow.

At the airport I was going to get a magazine, one for little kids like I usually have. But we found a more serious one and I chose that one instead. It was a good idea because I learned a lot more.

Now that I'm back I hope to join a horse club somewhere nearby. My dad is helping me to find one (that isn't too far away). It looks there's one about 3 kilometers from here, which would be good so that I can get there easily. A woman is going to call us back about riding hours.

Today one of my friends called to ask if I want to be her badminton partner. I said yes. And she wants to ride, too, so maybe we'll do that together.


At 4:54 AM, Anonymous ladybug said...

Hi there! I'm glad you play badminton too! It's such a lot of fun, good exercise and you get to meet a lot of new friends. Cheers to badminton!

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uncle Stubs says welcome back. Did you find anything extra in your Paypal account? I survived Hurricane John this weekend in Cabo San Lucas. Nothing like spending your vacation stuck in a hotel doing puzzles!


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