17 September 2006

New riding gloves

My uncles Steve and Barry both made a donation recently. Thanks! Part of the money I have used to get some riding gloves. But we haven't yet found inexpensive riding pants with padding all around (and not just at the knees), so we'll keep looking. If anybody knows where I can get good riding pants for not too much money let me know.

More importantly, I went horse riding a week ago Thursday. My dad found that there's an equestrian center not far from here and they offer riding hours for kids like me. After a while the woman there said my horse won't need a leash when I ride. That's good; otherwise it feels like a horse ride for babies. I got blisters from the reins, however, which is why I'm getting gloves first.

I can afford (and have time) to go riding every week or two. My friend next door is interested, too, and it looks like next week we'll ride together. But I hope that her horse won't need a leash.

Oh, I just noticed a mosquito bite I got is bleeding. I have to go take care of it.

OK, I'm back.

Today I made a bunch of window-art things for my bedroom window. Mostly butterflies and horses. I think that will make my room prettier.

That's all for now.


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